SEID networks with different compatible organizations and people, social activists, civil society, NGOs and the government authorities concerned at local, regional, national and international level for social inclusion of children with NDDs and MDs.


Develop Collective Platforms

SEID has developed a system of learning collaboration through meeting people from different walks of life including the mainstream school authorities, students, different club members and community people. These learning collaborations involved civil society representatives, media personnel, service providers as well as community people. Therefore, SEID aims at developing a strong platform with common understanding and commitments of people from all levels to facilitate social inclusion of persons with NDDs and MDs by influencing the policy level, changing social attitude and removing cultural barriers and stigma.


Develop Social Actors

SEID believes in social changes to achieve equity and equality for the people with disabilities. SEID capitalizes and promotes existing mechanisms such as volunteerism spirit and activism of caregivers and community people. It capacitates the caregivers, parents and community people as facilitators and social actors to bring the desired change in future.



SEID organizes different training programs, workshops and orientations for persons with disabilities, caregivers, parents, mainstream school teachers, students, community people, NGO workers and other stakeholders on various topics like Disability, National & International Laws on Disability, Law of Inheritance, Gender Based Violence, Sexual Harassment, Leadership Development, Self Advocacy, Entrepreneurship Development etc. These trainings are aimed to developing knowledge, skills and sensitization among the relevant stakeholders to enable them for working with the persons with disabilities especially NDDs and MDs.