Administration is entrusted to an Executive Director who reports to the Executive Committee. The Executive Director works in the capacity of a Chief Executive. The organization is staffed and managed by a 'team of committed development professionals'.

Executive Committee of SEID (June, 2017-June, 2019)
Sl. Name Designation Profession
1. Mr. Ranjan Karmaker Chairperson

Development Activist

Executive Director-Steps Towards Development

2. Ms. Dilara Satter Mitu Secretary General

Development Activist

Honorary Executive Director-SEID

3. Ms. Nusrat Farjana Treasurer Special Educator  (Mother of an autistic child)
4. Md. Nazmul Ahsan Member

Development Activist

Senior Program Officer-ActionAid Bangladesh

5. Ms. Mostary Alom Member Teacher (Mother of a person with disabilities)
6. Ms. Nasima Begum Member Private Service (Mother of a person with disabilities)
7. Md. Almas Uddin Member Business (Father of a person with disabilities)