Journey of SEID

SEID is a non-government voluntary development organization working for social inclusion and promoting rights of the children/persons with disabilities since 2003. SEID is registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare, and NGO Affairs Bureau under the Government of Bangladesh.

Since 2003, SEID has embraced a fundamental premise: ‘My Life, My Voice’ is the key to ensure rights and justice for persons with neuro-developmental disabilities (NDDs). SEID believes in turning each person with NDDs his/her own self-advocate and thereby creating problem-solving capabilities at the local level. SEID takes community-based approach to ensure rights, dignity and justice of the persons with NDDs and thereby foster their social inclusion.

Alongside providing different services, SEID conducts right-based advocacy and campaigns with different stakeholders ranging from policy makers, duty bearers, community and family members through Self Advocacy Groups of such persons with NDDs.

SEID currently runs two therapeutic centers named SEID-Summit Community Therapy School in Kamrangirchar and SEID Center for Therapy, Customized Employment and Life Skills Training in Mohammadpur.

The organization is supported by donation/sponsorship of individual, corporate sectors, schools, trusts, foundations and various national and international organizations, friends and well-wishers both in cash or kind. 

It welcomes everybody to join in its endeavor to make an actual equal society for all.


Vision & Mission

Social inclusion of the persons with neuro-developmental disabilities (NDDs) such as Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Intellectual Disability (ID), and Multiple Disabilities (MD).



To promote equal opportunities for underprivileged persons with NDDs, and include them in mainstream development by providing community services.

To promote an inclusive society where persons with neuro-developmental disabilities rightfully participate in every sphere of life free of cultural barriers.



To protect human rights of persons with disabilities especially NDD and MD by promoting justice, dignity, equality, equity and participation at all levels.

To remove the cultural barriers of persons with disabilities at all levels.

To ensure sustainable employment of the people with NDDs.

To obtain and maintain customized employment including training through providing suitable skill generation/capacity building training, and to connect them with potential employers in their communities.


Legal Status

Registered under NGO Affairs Bureau.

Registration No: 2110

Registered under Department of Social Services, Ministry of Social Welfare

Registration No: Dha-08866


Types of Disabilities

1. Neuro-Developmental Disability (NDD)

  • • Autism

  • • Down’s Syndrome

  • • Cerebral Palsy

  • • Intellectual Disability


2. Multiple Disabilities (MD)