In order to make the work environment more disability-friendly and to create equal opportunities in mainstream employment, about a month ago, SEID's self-advocacy team had participated in a two-day workshop in collaboration with SEID. The workshop was on "Creating Jobs for the Persons with  Neuro-Developmental Disabilities". The parents and caregivers, and two employers were also present at the workshop. The workshop was organized by SEID in collaboration with Inclusion International. 

The purpose of the workshop was to inform everyone present about the work skills of the self-advocates and to motivate the other self-advocates who still had not been included in the outer training.


Here are some highlights from the workshop:

- The employers had spoken very highly of the self-advocates. They positively evaluated the performance and work of the self-advocates as well as expressed their satisfaction. According to them, with the right environment and proper training, the self-advocates can become skilled and efficient employees.

- A few videos of self-advocates work were shown in the workshop. The whole audience enthusiastically appreciated the exhibited videos. The videos are the reflections through which the parents and caregivers have started dreaming of a new and bright future. As everyone demanded, more videos will be made in the future to prove the skills of other self-advocates.

Finally, in the language of a self-advocate -
"A little opportunity, a little extra time, we can be skilled people in the society"