Redowan Bepari is a 23 years old person with Cerebral Palsy. He is a person with disabilities and a self-advocate who raises his voice for his rights and needs. Since May, 2021 he started receiving and getting training in a grocery store named “Almas General Store” located at Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

He is able to open the store in morning. Currently he sells products according to customers’ needs, recharges the mobile phone (Flexi Load) and keeps accounts independent. Redowan has been receiving a small allowance form the store owner. According to Redowan`s employer, his performance is satisfactory and highly appreciative. Now he wants Redowan as a permanent employee in his store.

When he came to SEID, Redowan was unable to write, communicate with others, identify primary colors and follow instruction of teachers and others. He could not even use the toilet by himself. SEID enrolled Redowan to its Community Therapy School and provided with pre-primary education, pre-vocational training, teaching materials, medical support, physiotherapy, speech therapy, food and conveyance.

After receiving these services for a long time, Redowan is able to identify essential objects, write letters, read words and sentences, draw pictures and follow instructions. He can read and write sentences in a varied degree.

In 2015, after finishing his special and pre-primary education from SEID, Redowan got admitted to a mainstream school named ‘Utsho Biddaya Niketon’ at Rayerbazar under the project of HSBC titled “Removing cultural barriers through education, therapy and vocational training for disadvantaged children with disabilities”. Funded by this project, he got all the necessary supports from SEID for the enrollment into the school including the admission fees. He passed PEC (Primary Education Certificate) examination in 2015.

Since 2008, Redowan has been working as a Self-advocate in SEID Self-Advocacy Group. He has been working and receiving various In-House trainings such as Etiquette & Manner training, SRHR training etc. and also participating in outdoor training in a laundry shop.

In 2021, Redowan has been selected to get support and services from HSBC under the project of “Customized Employment for the Persons with Neuro-Developmental and Multiple Disabilities”.

Redowan belongs to a marginalized community in the society. His father Md. Anwar Bepari has a small business of retail selling and mother Rina Begum is a housewife. He has one sister and lives in Deshnettri Housing Society, Rayerbazar with his family of four.

Currently Redowan’s family has been very happy in his performance and achievement. Now all of them are dreaming, including Redowan, to see him to have a better future and to contribute to our society.