Shabnam Akhter is now studying in a government primary school.  But this is not achieved in the efforts of a day but has a long path to reach at this stage.


Being a child with cerebral palsy, she was living inside the home from her childhood.  She was living in Jeneva Camp with her parents. Because of limited income, stigma and lack of proper education, her parents were unable to provide the required treatments.


SEID, through the survey found her and conducted the required medical assessment and psychological tests. Then she was enrolled her in the school readiness program supported by HSBC Community Fund in 2015. Along with special and pre-primary education is has got therapeutic services, medical assistance and her parents gone through orientation and counseling. She is also posses good potentiality in sewing and hand embroidery.


In 2016 she was admitted in a government primary school named Govt. Ideal Primary School in class II and doing good academic results there. She is very much keen in her studies and like the schoolings. She is showing good academic performance and stood third in the merit list in 1st semester examination. She hopes to continue her study and earn a decent job for her livelihood in future.